Lightweight Aggregate as a Soil Amendment

TXI’s TruGro expanded shale soil amendment has certain chemical and physical properties that make it an excellent plant growing media. Its primary function is to provide physical strength and resistance to deformation. Using TruGro as an alternative to other paving systems enables turf establishment with load carrying capacity and minimal maintenance.

Unlike gravel and sand, expanded shale is able to absorb and release water and nutrients, which may increase the nutrient protection capacity of a highly porous growing medium. TruGro is only 1/3 to 1/2 the weight of regular rock or sand making it easier to transport and install, but it is heavy enough to resist being washed or blown away under normal weather conditions.

TruGro is chemically inert and completely inorganic. As a result, it will not compress, decompose or react with other agricultural or horticultural chemicals. It will not sink or float out of a blended medium, meaning it can provide superior aeration when used in soil mixes, especially if compaction is required.

Benefits of using expanded shale in horticultural applications are:

  • Reduced soil maintenance
  • Improved plant performance
  • Improved strength and durability to handle loads
  • Improved drainage and aeration
  • Choice of colors for use as a decorative ground cover

The primary applications/locations that would most benefit from using expanded shale as a soil amendment include:

  • Golf courses
  • Sports playing fields
  • Urban parks and tree areas
  • Roof gardens
  • Window boxes
  • Elevated parks and plazas
  • Driveways
  • Bicycle trails
  • Hydroponic medium
  • Near-highway landscaping
  • Parking lot islands

TXI TruGro

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